About Utah Carpets Plus

Give your carpet a new lease on life through regular maintenance. Utah Carpets Plus provides the finest soap-free carpet cleaning services. Joel Karren, a Master Technician with 25 years experience, is the owner / operator, and will be on your location personally.

Cleaning Services

Enjoy longer cleaning intervals by using our proprietary soap-free cleaning solution "Emulsan". Carpets stay cleaner longer by removing old soapy residues from previous cleaners. Using only the soap-free Emulsan cleaning solution, carpet fibers release the cleaner and the soil completely for a near factory residue-free carpet.   We are also experienced professionals for the following services:


• Carpet Stretching and Repair

• Pet Odor Treatment

• Carpet Cleaning

• Upholstery Cleaning

• Tile and Grout Cleaning



Utah Carpets Plus has been the co-founder of two national carpet cleaning companies: Venturi Technologies and Zerorez. We served as the national trainer for both companies where we wrote the class curriculum, taught technicians, and certified carpet technicians throughout the United States. In 2006, we started our own venture. At present, we have complete quality control over every aspect of our service business.

Commitment to Excellence

Receive the finest carpet cleaning services from our company. We are committed to deliver excellence by personally working on every small or large job.

Soap-Free Solution

Utah Carpets Plus is unique in the ability to clean normally soiled carpets without using industry standard soaps or carpet shampoos. Our solution to rapid re-soiling is to stop introducing soaps and shampoos during the cleaning process. We have a local chemist who manufactures our proprietary cleaning chemical "Emulsan," which is less than 1% surfactant and virtually soap-free. This reduces re-soiling and dramatically improves the performance of your carpets between cleanings.

Contact us in Pleasant Grove, Utah, to find solutions to your carpet-related concerns through our carpet cleaning services.